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Dinner with Friends

Last evening, my wife and I did something out of the ordinary. We had dinner with friends. Due to the “lockdown” over the past year, these days we seldom go to restaurants. For most of December since in-person dining in Pennsylvania was prohibited, we didn’t go anywhere.

But last night we took a chance. We contacted some friends who agreed to join us at a neighborhood tavern for a 6:00 PM dinner reservation. We arrived, enjoyed a wonderful meal and a time of fellowship and sharing.

Long after the dessert had been cleared, I happened to glance at my watch and noticed that it was nearly 9:00 PM. I couldn’t believe that three hours had gone by so quickly!

More than how the time had flown by during our visit, what really struck me as the evening progressed was that I didn’t want it to end. While I didn’t voice the feeling I was experiencing, my sense is that everyone at the table felt the same way. And then it hit me, due to the pandemic, it had been months since we had been able to enjoy something as simple as a dinner with friends.

While I probably realized this on an intellectual level, emotionally, I didn’t appreciate what I had been longing for until I got a “taste” of it again.

How interesting that something as simple as a meal with friends could evoke such strong emotions.

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