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Rabbi and Imam

As the New Year begins, I thought I’d share a brief clip from a recent interview on MSNBC.  Just before the holidays, Jose Diaz Balart interviewed Rabbi David Fine from Temple Israel and Imam Mahmoud Hamza from the Muslim Society.  The two men have been friends and neighbors in Ridgewood, NJ for over 15 years.

During the discussion they shared their reactions to the terrible events of October 7th that took place in Israel and what they are doing to console and mentor their respective congregations and community.

The interview was fascinating as these two men of different faiths shared how to disagree with one another without being disagreeable.  

As interesting as this was, I was caught off guard when Diaz Balart quoted the Jewish philosopher Maimonides and Imam Hamza recited Micah 6:8, a passage contained in the Torah and the Old Testament.  The two passages referenced can be found in the Quotes of the Week below.

When you have six minutes to spare, I think you’ll be moved by the refreshing, courteous discourse from two men of different faiths who are finding ways to navigate the evil in our world.  A great example to all of us as we begin a new year.

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