• Leigh Gerstenberger

5 Great Reads on "Re-wiring" in Lieu of Retiring

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

The following resources were very helpful to me as I planned my transition from my full-time career to the next season in my life. As someone said to me, I’m not retiring, just going through a re-wiring process! I hope these resources are as helpful to you as they were to me.

Your Next Season after a career in human relations as a coach to C-suite executives, Dr. Leslie Braksick offers advice for executives on transitioning from intense careers to fulfilling next seasons.

Portfolio Life – author David Corbett discusses how to effectively navigate the “gig-economy” and find a new path to work, purpose, and passion after age 50.

The Big Shift – sociologist Marc Feldman shares case studies of individuals who have successfully transitioned to their “encore” careers

Necessary Endings – Christian psychologist Henry Cloud shares how growth can only occur through change.

Your Life Calling- Reimagining the Rest of your Life – a very insightful book written by (of all people) Jane Pauley as the result of the career transition that she went through personally.

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