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A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Today

My family and I are long time members of Orchard Hill Church in Wexford, PA.  Several years ago, our Senior Pastor, Dr. Kurt Bjorklund wrote a fascinating daily devotional entitled Prayers for Today, A Year Long Journey of Contemplative Prayer.  According to Leighton Ford, "the author has done us an important service in collecting prayers from men and women across the ages...prayers that will help us to deepen our communion with the One who treasurer the words and longings of His people."  Prayers for Today features prayers from Scripture, from champions of faith and from contemporary leaders compiled in daily doses that will add structure, substance, and guidance to your conversation with God - putting life back into your prayer life.  At the end of each day Dr. Bjorklund shares a Prayer for Today, what follows is a prayer of thanksgiving from Day 31 of the devotional.

Father God, today I thank You for the provisions of my life... I thank You for the people in my life...I thank You for the opportunities You have given to me in my life... I thank You for the acceptance and forgiveness You have lavished upon me in spite of my sinful actions and choices... I thank You for the healing You have brought into my life - physical and emotional... I thank You for the way You have brought me back from the darkness that lurks in my soul and the choices I could have made that would have landed me in a pit - or the choices I have made that did land me in a pit... I thank You for the desires of my heart that You have satisfied with good things... And the desire that I have not yet seen satisfied.  Help me to be confident because of the grace You have given to me in so many other ways, that even my unmet desires would be something I could be grateful for.  Amen

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