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Freddie Mercury and the Diva

I never listened to or even knew who Freddie Mercury was when he was alive.  Other than a few iconic tunes the best known being Bohemian Rhapsody that I've come to know and appreciate due to the recent release of the film by the same name, I'm still not all that familiar with Mercury's work as the lead singer of the band Queen, as impressive as it may be.

However as a news junkie, I happened to come across the obituary of opera diva Montserrat Caballé who passed away recently in Spain at the age of 85.

While I had not heard of "the great lady of opera" as she was described in a tribute from King Felipe VI of Spain, one thing caught my eye in the list of her artistic accomplishments.  Apparently, she and Freddie Mercury performed together during the opening ceremonies of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

I was so taken with this tidbit of history regarding her body of work that I had to see the performance for myself.  Thanks to the Internet and YouTube it took me less than five minutes to locate the performance and it blew me away.

When you have time, click on the link below and let me know if this performance of Barcelona moves you as much as it did for will be the best 4 minutes you spend today.  Enjoy!

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