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Knowing Your Purpose

Last week I had the opportunity to spend time with my new friend Kevin W. McCarthy in Orlando, FL. Kevin’s had a distinguished career in a number of areas that include banking, sports facility management, real estate development and the greeting card industry…just to mention a few of his accomplishments.

While getting to know Kevin I learned that we had a number of common intersections in our lives. He grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh in a community adjacent to where I lived and two of his cousins were in high school with me. He is a graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, where I also lived while my father was enrolled there. Kevin began his career at Pittsburgh National Bank where I too spent 16 years of my career shortly after it was rebranded to PNC Bank. And of course, being from Pittsburgh, he’s a Steelers fan!

All that being said, the most intriguing part of getting to know Kevin is the work he’s done recently on helping folks find their purpose. As I’ve come to appreciate, knowing one’s purpose is critical to understanding one’s calling. To assist in this process Kevin as developed an assessment device that helps individuals uncover the two words that define their purpose.

For a modest investment will provide you with the two words that can help you begin to zero in on your purpose.

The results might confirm what you already know about yourself, or they may also help you understand and quantify an aspect of your make up that may have heretofore alluded you.

Thanks to the time I’ve spent with Kevin I’m convinced that knowing your purpose is the first and an important step to capitalizing on your calling.

When you have a moment, I encourage you to make the small investment to go through the assessment process as the first step to knowing your purpose.

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