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Book Recommendation The On-Purpose Person

Is Your Life Filled, Yet Unfulfilled? Do you feel pulled in a thousand different directions? Are your days so busy you hardly have time to think? Are you living up to other people's expectations while your own plans and dreams go unmet? In The On-Purpose Person you'll learn how to discover who you are, where you are headed, what you should do, and what's most important to you! That's being on-purpose! Tap Into Your Highest Potential With The On-Purpose Person Nothing adds more fullness and meaning to your life than discovering your purpose and living it out every moment of your life. With The On-Purpose Person, you'll be on your way to greater order and clarity within 30 minutes of picking up the book. This entertaining story format provides clear principles that are easy to apply to everyday life. You'll put them into practice immediately. Regardless of whether you're in your teens or well into retirement, being on-purpose will inspire and guide you to live true to yourself. "Goals are consumable. Purpose is permanent," states Kevin W. McCarthy. The On-Purpose Person moves you beyond the surface of life to what matters most so you can make a difference.

You'll have a simple, yet powerful system to:

Invest your time, talent, and treasure in what is most important Exchange burnout for being integrated Learn why a balanced life is a myth Feel satisfied rather than stressed out at the end of the day Find meaningful time for yourself Align your innate passion and gifting in the right direction Trade discontent and frustration for a growing and enduring joy Make confident, more improved decisions more consistently Manage hurdles and setbacks positively Face opposition from an unassailable position of strength Define your standards for success that are just right for you Gain a vivid understanding of yourself Explore your possibilities equipped to succeed

If you're reading any good books, I'd love to hear about them. Feel free to email me at

- Leigh

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