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Convoy of Hope

While there are many wonderful non-profit organizations in our society that serve humanity, over the past several years my heart has been captured by Convoy of Hope, a 25-year old, faith-based, international, humanitarian organization.

Convoy’s primary goal is to eradicate hunger around the world.  To that end, Convoy of Hope feeds more than 200,000 children daily in addition to running Women’s Empowerment and Agricultural Development Programs in third world countries.

Additionally, Convoy conducts Inner City Reaching Events and Rural Compassion Programs throughout the United States in addition to providing Disaster Relief Services for victims of floods, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados and other natural disasters domestically and internationally.

Over the past several years I’ve had the opportunity to meet Convoy’s leadership team and learn about the important work that they do to improve the quality of lives throughout the world.

This month I will be attending Convoy’s annual Leadership Summit to learn about the impact this organization is making in the lives of impoverished people around the world on their journey to self-sufficiency. Of all the projects Convoy undertakes, their Women’s Empowerment Program has captivated me the most.

One of the great tragedies in our society, particularly in third world countries, is that women find themselves having to raise and support children without the benefit of a spouse to share the family’s household and financial responsibilities. As such, it is nearly impossible for women to develop the skills, training and education they need to raise themselves (and their children) out of poverty without some form of assistance.

That’s where Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment Program comes in. By offering a “hand up” not a “hand out” Convoy encourages women around the world to realize their value and reach their potential through job training and education resulting in women owning businesses that enable them to better feed and care for their children.

If you’d like to know more about Convoy of Hope check out the website or feel free to contact me directly to discuss the many ways in which you can become an active partner in their work around the globe.

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