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Life’s Storms

There’s an old expression that says, “It’s only during a storm that a tree knows how strong it is”. I was reminded of this recently while listening to my friend Nick Marica recount his 2021 COVID Road experience.

Nick was admitted to a Lynchburg, VA hospital on Christmas Eve 2020. His journey included being on a ventilator for three weeks and losing his life on the operating table only to regain it miraculously after all human efforts to save him had failed.

After being hospitalized for months, Nick was discharged to a rehab facility where he would learn to walk again, continue to undergo treatment for a fist-sized bed sore and receive dialysis due to his failing kidney function. Six-months to the day after being admitted to the hospital Nick was discharged from the rehab facility and returned home.

While well on his way to recovery, Nick’s COVID Road journey continued as he and his wife had to deal with their daughter Erin contracting COVID in the summer of 2021.

When you have 30-minutes I think you’ll be encouraged by Nick’s story The COVID Road: A Family’s Miracle and Tragedy on Pinnacle Forum’s Stewarding Your Influence podcast that can be accessed via the link below:

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