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National Anthem

In my travels I’ve had the opportunity to frequent a few Hyatt

Regency Hotels around the country including the one in Louisville,

KY. The trademark of these hotels is the cavernous nature of the

facility, which lends itself to wonderful acoustics, a fact not lost on

the Kentucky Music Educators Association All State Choir. The

choir is composed of high school students from around the state

who meet annually at the Louisville Convention Center for their

annual conference.

Before curfew each night at around 11:00 PM the students

assemble on the balconies overlooking the atrium. At some point

one person begins to hum a single note. Within a few seconds

everyone overlooking the atrium is humming that same note.

Moments later the note can be heard resonating throughout the

atrium at which point the assembled choir begins a most solemn

rendition of our country’s National Anthem.

While the anthem frequently gives me goose bumps, I’ve never

had more than when listening to this three-minute

version…particularly the high notes at the end. ENJOY!!

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