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Still Alice

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Lisa Genova the best-selling author of Still Alice, Left Neglected, Love Anthony, Inside the O'Briens and Every Note Played speak.  Each of these works of fiction describe with passion and accuracy the journeys of those affected by neurological diseases.  Her book Still Alice was adapted into a film that won the Oscar for Best Actress for Julianne Moore.

During the Q & A portion of her presentation Dr. Genova responded to a question often asked by individuals who have a family member struggling with Alzheimer's who often feel that there's no point visiting their elderly relative as the disease progresses since they are no longer remembered.  Genova's comment was that while an individual's ability to remember may be impacted by this terrible disease, there is no data that indicates that the Alzheimer's patient can no longer experience emotions.  In fact she indicated that loving on a family member afflicted with the disease might be something that they can carry with them for days, weeks or months following the visit they receive from someone who cares about them.  This comment reminded me of the verse from I Corinthians 13:8 which simply states, "Love never ends."  What a blessing no matter what stage in life we find ourselves.

Finally Genova played the following clip of a commercial produced by Gillette that illustrates this point in a most moving way.  If you have four minutes and a handkerchief I think you'll be moved by this extraordinary story.

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