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True Wealth

OK I admit it.  I’m a golf junkie.  Particularly on Masters Weekend.  I enjoy the history of the tournament, the beautiful setting of the Augusta National venue and the stories of the history and lore around the game of golf that often emerge during the week of the tournament.

One such article that caught my eye reminded me of a man who had an impact on me years ago with a phrase I’ve never forgotten.

Fred Brand, Jr. was a larger-than-life character who spent his life straddling two fields about which he was passionate…his career in the life insurance business and the game of golf.

I encountered Brand early in my career in the Pittsburgh agency of the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company where I was privileged to serve for several years.  A hail, hearty and well met fellow, Brand called all the young men in our office “laddie”, a nod to his Scottish ancestry.

During his career Fred earned numerous accolades in the insurance industry, the most recognizable one being a top producer and 50-year qualifier for the Million Dollar Roundtable.

As devoted as he was to his insurance career, Fred was equally devoted to the game of golf.  He became known as “Mr. Golf” in western Pennsylvania where he served as president of the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association.  He also held other roles in various organizations dedicated to supporting the “game” that are too numerous to mention here.  

Fred’s crowning achievement in the world of golf came in 1997, when he received the Bob Jones Award --the highest honor given by the U.S.G.A.--in recognition of his distinguished sportsmanship in golf.

One of my favorites, “Brand-isms” was an expression that Fred would often repeat when sharing his story, or when someone was congratulating him on his success.  He’d simply say, “The wealthy man is the man doing what he loves to do.”

I was reminded of Fred Brand when I came across an article in Inc. Magazine reporting on a Tiger Woods interview after having set a record for making 24 consecutive cuts at the Masters Tournament.  Wood’s take on his accomplishment, “I just love doing the work!”

My hope is that you feel the same way about your “work” as Tiger Woods and Fred Brand do about theirs.

If you’re interested, the entire article from Inc. Magazine about Tiger Woods can be accessed through the following link.

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