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Unsung Heroes

There are many individuals and professions that fit into the category of unsung heroes. Certainly, men and women who serve in our country’s armed forces qualify as do first responders.  But it occurred to me recently while watching the CBS Evening News this week that there is an occupation category that employs 3.5 million individuals in our country that while often overlooked, are looked up to by children every day.  I’m referring to America’s teachers.

This point was driven home when the Council of Chief State School Officers named Missy Testerman, a longtime elementary teacher from Rogersville City Schools in Rogersville, TN their 2024 National Teacher of the Year.

Among the many accolades that Testerman received was a surprise appearance on the CBS Mornings Show by first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, a teacher herself.

You can view the five-minute clip of Testerman’s interview and Dr. Biden’s presentation via the link below.

I encourage you, when the next opportunity presents itself for you to do so, THANK someone you know who teaches children in your community.

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