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We Gather Together

I grew up singing in church choirs and school choruses. My father loved music and had a wonderful bass voice. From the time I was little I remember him coming home from work every Friday evening with a new record album for us to play on the living room stereo.

As a result, from a young age I was exposed to music from all genres - Classical, Broadway Show Tunes, Barbershop Quartet, Opera, Folk Music and Men's Glee Clubs. But my favorite music of all is choral music. I love the rich harmonies, the organ and orchestra in the background and the wonderful lyrics. Even today I get a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I hear a choir sing a great hymn.

I believe my emotions connect with music because it reminds me of my dad (who I lost over 50 years ago) as it transports me to a different place and time when the world and my life were so different than today, so much simpler.

Some of my favorite memories are evoked by the hymns sung around Thanksgiving. So, this week, as my gift to you, please enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as they sing some wonderful, traditional Thanksgiving hymns. Perhaps, this music, as it does for me, may even transport you back to a different place in time.

To begin your time travel, click on the video link below and let it take you to dreamland as you listen to my favorite Thanksgiving hymn. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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