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  • Leigh Gerstenberger

Career Opportunities

Since January of 2019, I’ve been on a journey with my friends Gary and Linda Beeman to help fulfill their dream of restarting a shuttered trade school east of Pittsburgh. Over the past two years I've watched them secure financing, hire staff and obtain the re-certification needed from the state department of education to begin offering classes.

With all that behind them NVI Institute is now recruiting students for the school’s January 2022 Diesel and Auto Technician training programs.

Based on discussions with auto/truck service and maintenance managers in addition to conversations with several heavy equipment dealers around the country, there is a high need for trained technicians in these fields. The need is anticipated to grow significantly in the months ahead and become even more pronounced should the infrastructure legislation currently working its way through congress become law.

Pennsylvania’s largest heavy equipment dealer projects that their current need for 35 diesel technicians will grow to over 100 over the next 12 months.

NVI Institute is offering a unique 6-month program after which students will be qualified for entry level positions paying in the $50 – 60,000 range. Over time, graduates who demonstrate proficiency and display the work ethic that their organization expects of its colleagues could be earning incomes from $80-100,000 three to five years after successfully completing the NVI program.

Far from the stereo-typical “grease monkey” jobs, NVI students will receive high-tech training used to diagnose, maintain, and repair machinery in a universe that’s becoming “cutting edge” with the introduction of electric vehicles; self-driving autonomous technologies; natural gas propulsion and power generation equipment in addition conventional power units.

If you know a high school graduate with a high mechanical aptitude, a veteran with an honorable discharge, a returning citizen or an individual interested in changing careers who is able to make a modest investment in their future in return for a wonderful, long-term career opportunity, please forward the enclosed link to them and/or encourage them to reach out to me for additional information.

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