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Fathers Still Know Best

Rob Kenney, a 55-year old dad from Seattle, WA came up with an idea of how to give fatherly or as he calls it “dadvice” during the pandemic on everything from how to tie a necktie and change a flat tire to shaving your beard.

As a result, his Dad, How Do I...? YouTube page has gone viral, now sporting over 2 million followers.

While Kenney had a rough childhood himself learning more about what not to do as a father, now as the father of two, he is more than making up for it.

While initially the “how to” videos were intended for practical advice, he wasn’t expecting the cathartic effect that a lesson on something so simple as, How to Jump Start a Car Battery would have on folks as viewers who grew up without good father figures began to share their own heart-wrenching stories.

It didn’t take long before his “how to” videos evolved into advice on career counseling, the importance of being on time, surviving break-ups and the importance of encouraging others.

I first learned of Kenney on the CBS Evening News. I hope you enjoy this 2-minute segment that will give you some insight into the man behind the messages.

The link below will take you to the YouTube channel with all the Dad How Do I…? episodes.

Fathers still know best.

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