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Hidden Treasures – Part II

Slice of Americana

With the COVID season ramping up again in certain areas of the country making air travel so challenging, my wife and I have begun taking day trips to locations within a couple of hours drive from our home.

As a result, we’ve found a few “silver linings” in the midst of the pandemic that would have in all likelihood eluded us had our proverbial wings not been clipped. Therefore, in the coming weeks, I will be profiling a few of the hidden treasures we’ve encountered during our travels so that you can enjoy them as well, either in person or vicariously through these posts.

Warren, OH is the most unlikely place to find the second largest exhibit of Norman Rockwell’s art in the country. Never-the-less, the Medici Museum of Art located just east of town is presently exhibiting the Norman Rockwell: American Scout Collection.

The exhibit features American art that adds to timely conversations in our immediate and global community. Artworks include permanent works by painters and illustrators including Joseph Csatari, Walt Disney, Norman Rockwell, Carl Clemens, Mortiz Rungius, Howard Chandler Christy and Joseph Christian Leyendecker among others, exploring themes such as classic America, and its values and traditions.

This exhibition currently on loan from the Boy Scouts of America presents many works of art never previously seen together. The exhibit speaks to a wide audience including Boy Scout enthusiasts, fans of Norman Rockwell, illustrators, painters and the general public who appreciate great art.

Additional information on the exhibition can be accessed via the museum’s website.

Two other unique “finds” in Warren are The Grand Resort located just across the street from the museum and, for auto enthusiasts, The National Packard Museum .

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