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Hold a door

I must confess that I totally forgot (because I never knew in the first place) that February 17th was Random Acts of Kindness Day. As a painful reminder of not knowing what I don’t know, I not only overlooked this special day on the calendar this year, but every year since 1995 when the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation began celebrating this annual rite!

As you know, I am a big fan of the CBS News weekly staple, On the Road. These weekly vignettes which began in 1967 initially featured veteran newsman Charle Kuralt who in the mid-1960s persuaded CBS to let him “roll down the road of the Great American Highway just to see what he could see. What began as an initial three-month assignment became a quarter century project during which Kuralt would cover more than a million miles and wear out six motor homes! Today, Steve Hartman has the On the Road beat for CBS News and the segment is a regular feature on the network’s Friday evening news line up and is often repeated on CBS Sunday Morning.

I was particularly struck by a feature on Friday, February 17th that happened to coincide with our country’s Random Acts of Kindness Day. In case you missed it, the link below will take you to an under three-minute video depicting how performing random acts of kindness changed one young man’s life.

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