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Moved to Tears…I Will Win!

When Giacomo Puccini composed his famous opera Turandot he could never have imagined the impact the famous aria Nessun Dorma (Let Nobody Sleep) could have made in world’s popular culture and in the lives of individuals since it was first performed in April of 1926.

This aria has long been a staple of operatic recitals. Luciano Pavarotti popularized the piece beyond the opera performing it for the 1990 World Cup. Pavarotti and Placido Domingo both released singles of the aria, with Pavarotti’s reaching number 2 on the charts in the United Kingdom. The Three Tenors performed the aria during the World Cup Finals in Los Angeles (1994), Paris (1998) and in Yokohma (2002). Many crossover and pop artists have performed and recorded Nessun Dorma and the aria has been used in the soundtracks of numerous films.

Thanks to a recent posting on Facebook I was introduced to Polish tenor Leszek Swidzinski of the Polish Royal Opera and the Medicantus Choir of Physicians who overwhelmed the doctors and nurses at a Warsaw hospital bringing them to tears during a recent powerful performance of the famous aria.

When you have three minutes take the time to watch this great Polish tenor hold a D major for six bars as he exclaims “Vincero!” (“I will win!”) and see if it moves you to tears as it did me. Enjoy!

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