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My Best Investment Ever

The older I get, the only thing I want to make is memories.

I was reminded of this observation recently after purchasing a piece of property that came with an acre of grass that needed to be cut. To the amazement of my wife and children (who know my aversion to cutting grass and yard work), I decided to purchase a riding lawnmower so I could cut the grass myself rather than pay a service to do so.

Little did I realize that this purchase would change my life and, in a very short period of time, convince me that it may have been my best investment ever.

This realization hit me just a few days after acquiring a 2005 John Deere, LT-180 riding mower…or, as my 3-year-old grandson refers to it, “Poppa’s tractor!”

Before even cutting the first blade of grass, I spent a Sunday evening giving tractor rides to five of my six grandchildren (the six-month-old had no interest).

While my three granddaughters feigned mild interest in riding on the tractor with “Poppa”, my two grandsons (nearly 3 and almost 4 years of age) were over the top excited just to sit on the “tractor” while it was parked in the garage. Nothing however prepared me for the joy on their faces and the excitement in their voices that I experienced while treating them to their first tractor rides!

The older I get, the only thing I want to make is memories…and the pure JOY on my grandson’s face while giving him his first tractor ride is a memory I’ll never forget!

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