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True Leadership: What can We Learn from Oliver Cromwell?

In a recent message to our congregation my pastor referenced Oliver Cromwell the English statesman who lived in the early 1600s. While I had heard of Cromwell, not knowing much about him my curiosity was piqued. Perhaps my thoughts for this week will whet your appetite in respect to your wanting to learn more about him as well.

Oliver Cromwell was an English political leader who became the ‘Lord Protector of Commonwealth’. He was a strong follower of religion and believed himself to be the instrument of God. He joined parliament under the harsh rule of Charles I.

In the Parliament Cromwell frequently spoke about making reforms to check the power of the King and the Church. This idea was bought by the masses and led them to a Civil War under his leadership.

Cromwell showcased his leadership skills by successfully leading an army of new recruits against the royalist forces. The war persisted for a long period of time following which Cromwell signed an order to execute the emperor. After the emperor’s death, Cromwell bravely defeated the Royalist forces and their king, Charles II.

Cromwell became ruler of England and made a new constitution for the betterment of the citizens. He fought various successful battles to conquer numerous countries including Ireland and Scotland.

Although his thoughts and work were not appreciated by his peers, he is credited with nurturing the strength and efficiency of the commonwealth through his strong decisions. A study of Cromwell’s life, his quotes and thoughts provide tremendous insight into one of England’s greatest religious and political leaders.

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