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What Are You Reading?

One of my favorite questions to ask when visiting with friends is, “What are you reading?” Recently, at a group dinner one Saturday evening, I asked the question and a friend responded, Elephant Company.

After hearing about the book, I went immediately to the Libby app on my phone and was able to download the book from my local library.

Having lived in the suburbs most of my life, I’ve never spent much time around animals. Unlike some families, ours has never owned pets. Nevertheless, before finishing the first chapter of the book by Vicki Constantine Croke, I was hooked!

My wife and I ended up reading the book at the same time, which made for an even more enjoyable experience as we compared notes and observations about the fascinating capabilities of these incredible pachyderms. If you enjoy historical fiction, animals, and marvel at God’s creation, I think you’ll enjoy Elephant Company.

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