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Why Vote?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

With less than three months left until November 3, 2020, election day, I am reminded of the unique opportunity we have in our country to determine our destiny by exercising our right to vote through the casting of our ballot.

While earlier in my life I may have taken this responsibility for granted, I won’t do so any longer. With all the media attention focused on the upcoming presidential election it’s impossible to overlook the opportunity we in America have to select who will lead us in every area of government from the local to the state and national levels.

Regardless of party affiliation, each of us has the unique opportunity to express ourselves with respect to choosing our leaders. Whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent we should at a minimum take advantage of the privilege we have in our country to be an active participant the election process.

In addition to casting our vote at the ballot box, participating in the political process can range from posting a sign in your front yard, advocating for a candidate with friends and neighbors, contributing financially to a campaign or cause, working the polls or running for office personally. The point is that casting our ballot is the least we should do.

Therefore, I want to encourage each of you to take seriously the unique opportunity we have as Americans to vote this year. It begins with registering to vote in your community if you’ve not already done so, and ends by showing up at your local polling place and casting your vote or applying for and submitting an absentee ballot by the deadline.

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