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Wrestling with God

Jonathan Evans, the youngest child of Dr. Tony Evans and the late Dr. Lois Evans, told hundreds at his mother’s January 6, 2020 homegoing celebration how he struggled with understanding why God did not heal his mother and allow her to live.

Evans, 38, told the congregation gathered at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship church how he questioned God about Dr. Lois Evans’ death.

“I just want to tell you that my thoughts over the last few days, I was wrestling with God. Because I said, ‘If we have victory in Your name didn’t You hear us when we were praying? Didn’t You see the people who were walking around my Mom and Dad’s house like Jericho trying to make sure that they can knock down the walls of this cancer?'” Evans said.

“Didn’t You hear the prayers of Bishop T.D. Jakes and Bryan Carter and Antioch (Community Church) and Friendship-West (Baptist Church) and Gateway (Church) and the Village (Church)? Didn’t You hear all of those prayers? Didn’t You hear us? Where are You? Why didn’t You do what we were asking of You…,” he added.

Evans, a former NFL player and chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys, then cited several Bible passages about praying to God.

“This was a great opportunity that we can tangibly see Your glory,” Evans said of his remarks to God. “Where are You?”

However, Evans said what he heard back from God set him straight about “the nature of (His) victory.”

“Because of the victory that I have given you, there was always only two answers to your prayers,” Evans said. “Either she was going to be healed, or she was going to be healed. Either she was going to live, or she was going to live. Either she was going to be with family, or she was going to be with family. Either she was going to be well taken care of, or she was going to be well taken care of. Victory belongs to Me!”

Watch a brief excerpt of Jonathan Evans’ remarks about “wrestling with God” over his mother Dr. Lois Evans’ death.

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